Glass Food Storage

Plastic food storage can leach harmful chemicals into food. These lids lock on tight!

French Press

Making coffee in plastic allows for toxins to leach out of the plastic into the hot drink. This press is all glass and stainless steel to decrease the toxins!

Xtrema Cookware

Toxins leach from non-stick pans and aluminum cookware. Xtrema is one of our favorite bands for cookware.


Mattress Encasement

When a new toxin-free mattress isn't in the budget you can do your best to decrease the toxins escaping it by encasing it.

Air Doctor

We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms, it is important to be breathing clean air!

Sun Simulation

Wake up and calm down with the simulation of sunsets and rises. You can also add birds vs loud harsh tones.




No triclosan in this toothpaste. We love the performance this offers without the toxins.


Free of harmful chemicals and pairs great with the conditioner.

Sunless Tanner

High performing and a safer than many self tanners.


Personal Care


Many condoms contain harmful chemicals. The vagina is a sensitive area, no place for nasty chemicals!


Your vagina is sensitive and a place where chemicals don't belong. 

Diva Cup

Decreasing toxins, decreasing waste, and increasing ease. Check out this menstrual cup.



Laundry Detergent 

No toxins and the smell of lavender! YES! 

Dishwasher Detergent

Simple ingredients and high performance. We don't like toxic residue left on our dishes.


An antibacterial towel that can be used over and over on nearly anything? Yes, please!